Homeschool to Harvard

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This story warms both the libertarian and homeschooling parts of my heart. Libertarian chairman and presidential nominee talks about education in the US, and how the decision to homeschool his own children is paying off in a big way. Here is an excerpt from his article:

How my child went from home school to Harvard and yours can, too

The American Dream of automatically doing better than the past generation has been relegated to the dust-bin of history because of our education crisis. This is our national disgrace.

Nationally SAT scores in critical reading reached their lowest levels ever in 2011. “Ever” as in the history of America.

Combined math and reading SAT scores were the lowest since 1995. This despite our country spending the most money ever.

Yet through all this gloom and doom, there is a ray of hope. A story of remarkable educational success. A story I call “Homeschool to Harvard.” My daughter Dakota Root was home-schooled by her small businessman dad and devoted Christian homemaker mom right here in Las Vegas. And the results are nothing short of amazing. Dakota scored perfect SAT scores of 800 in reading and writing. She was a National Merit Scholar and Presidential Scholar nominee.

His advice applies to all parents, regardless of schooling choice:

“Become the CEO of your child’s future. ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me.’ “

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